Sandeep Chhetri’s ‘What the Flop’ show closed.

Sandeep Chhetri's 'What the Flop' show closed

Kantipur Television has decided to halt the program ‘What The Flap’. The show, hosted by Sandeep Chhetri, landed in controversy after accusations were made against actor Pal Shah for making a rape-related joke during a broadcast on July 23.

Sandeep Chhetri Kantipur Tv

The television network stated that the content in question had been removed from YouTube, and they suspended the production and broadcast of the program as a sign of respect for women’s dignity and social consciousness.

The television network further emphasized that despite the show’s otherwise commendable content, they have taken this decision seriously. Even though it had the potential to be an outstanding program, Kantipur Television chose to stop it.

Earlier, actor Pal Shah, who was cleared of charges of child rape, had been invited as a guest by host Sandeep. During the program, Sandeep joked about Pal Shah’s experience in jail, which involved sensitive matters like rape, causing criticism for turning such a sensitive issue into a subject of humour on national television.

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