Cartoon Crew’s series ‘Swasthani Vs. Gang’ will be released from Baisakh 1

Swasthani Vs. Gang - Saroj adhikari

Baisakh 1 will stream the web series “Swasthani vs. Gang,” which is presented by the well-known dance group “The Cartoon Crew.” This information was provided by the group at the time the poster was published.

The series’ plot, characters, and mood are depicted in the five public posters. Following the previously favoured “Hamro High School,” “Twenty-First Love,” and “You and I,” Profile Pictures will release this series in association with “The Cartoon Crew.”

Sarin Pokharel is the creator of the series’ narrative, screenplay, and direction. The producers are Sagar Khanal and Saroj Adhikari. The executive producer is Vijay Adhikari.

Swasthani Vs. Gang Cast And Crew

  • Ashma Vishwakarma
  • Saroj Adhikari
  • Jivesh Gurung
  • Lakshmi Giri
  • Vijay Adhikari
  • Asmita Khanal

Ashma Vishwakarma, Saroj Adhikari, Jivesh Gurung, Lakshmi Giri, Vijay Adhikari, Asmita Khanal, Abhipsa Khanal, Sanyog Guragain, Roshni Karki, Sonia Lama, Nicholas Aryal, and others in the series. Singer Pratap Das will have a cameo role.

Cinematography by Sankal Bhujel and editing by Sagar Khanal will continue. This series, placed in the genres of adventure, comedy, and romantic drama, will be streamed on the YouTube channel Cartoon Crew. Ashma has acted in the top role of the series, Swasthani. A series has been made based on a story centred around a mobile.

There will be ten episodes in the entire series. We had a habit of making up love stories. This time, Saroj stated, “We are ready to make a film in two years. We have left that genre and are moving towards comedy and adventure.” We are now turning down the music.

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