When rapper Cardi B hit the audience with a mic at a concert

Cardi B
Cardi B

Who doesn’t know American rapper Cardi B? Lately, his name is still on the internet. Cardi is also popular among Nepali fans who follow rap music.

Rapper Cardi B Twitter Video

His songs and concerts are always popular. A large crowd comes to his concerts. He has no shortage of fans not only in America but all over the world. But in the meantime, one of her fans did such a thing that she was also angry. A fan abused Cardi B during a live concert. Then the angry singer hit the fan with the same mic.

cardi b loses her calm throws her mic with full force at a fan who spilled all her drink all over the rapper 01

The video of this incident is growing in popularity on social media. What specifically is this case?

This uproar took place at his concert on Saturday. The singer was giving a banging performance in an orange dress. She was singing her hit song ‘Bodak Ello’. Then a person from the audience threw a drink bottle at him. Soon after, Cardi also got angry and Mike hit her.

This is not the first incident of such behaviour with the artist. Such abuse has happened many times. In the same month, a similar incident happened to singer and songwriter Harry Styles. In the middle of the concert, someone threw a bunch of flowers at him and abused him. His face was injured. This has happened before with Bebe Rexha, Drake, Kelsea Ballerini, Steve Lacy, Kid Cudi and Pink.

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