Sushmita Regmi Case: Miss Grand Intl 2014 Beauty Pageant

Sushmita Regmi Case
Sushmita Regmi Case

Sushmita Regmi’s video has gone viral on TikTok and now those videos have also gone viral on social media. We also watched those videos. If no one is watching, please check. She has a TikTok account And Instagram #Justiceforsushmitaregmi

She is a teenager. Miss Nepal is an incident of exploitation and rape while trying to be active in the entertainment sector. But it has many dark secrets. Sushmita Regmi wanted to be a model as a teenager. Initially, she had participated in Miss Nepal, but when she could not move forward, she refused. Then he got a call from the director. The directors invited her to attend a painting session. Her scary story begins here.

She warns every child under the age of 18, wherever you go, please don’t go anywhere without your parents. This is a serious problem. Please only take your parents with you. This does not mean that my sisters will have the same problem tomorrow. So now all sisters be careful. She has already removed all the videos, all the evidence from the incident. I don’t think the court can do anything about it ??

Sushmita Regmi Full Story

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Sushmita Regmi & Malvika Subba case: Miss Grand Intl 2014 Beauty Pageant & Sushmita Regmi

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