Pay attention to these things before applying makeup!


Women wear makeup to look beautiful. Makeup enhances beauty. Apply a little mascara and lipstick or gloss to brighten your face. This is why makeup has become an essential part of the lives of many young women nowadays. But when doing makeup, keep in mind that if makeup can enhance the beauty of the skin, it can also damage. So you should not make such mistakes while applying makeup.

1. Frequent face washing
You should clean your face before applying makeup but don’t wash your face too many times.Washing your face several times removes the shine from your skin and makes the skin dry. Do not wash your face more than twice a days.

2. Makeup on dry face
Never apply makeup on dry skin. Make it normal by applying moisturizer on the face before applying makeup. Also, do not use too much foundation on face.

3. The exact size of the eyebrow
Eye makeup is the most important part of facial makeup. It is important to shape the eyebrows correctly. Try to keep the size of the eyebrows normal. If you want to give the right shape to the eyebrow, use a brush instead of a pencil.

4. Don’t share makeup stuff
Don’t share makeup products with anyone. Makeup is a personal matter. It is also good to keep makeup items separate. Choosing makeup according to the face When choosing makeup, you should choose makeup products that suit your face. This protects your face from wrinkles.

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