Paul and Pooja are collaborating in ‘MA YASTO GEET GAUCHHU 3’

Pooja Sharma and Paul Shah, who were considered close at one time, do not have a cordial relationship now. Paul was in jail when the movie ‘MA YASTO GEET GAUCHHU 2’ was released.

At that time, Pooja shed tears, remembering the moment. It benefited the business of the film. She even went to jail several times to meet Paul. However, after Paul’s release from prison, it seems that they are becoming distant from each other.

Amidst the talk of a relationship breakdown between Paul and Pooja, it has been reported that they are going to pair up again in the film. Sources say that director Sudarshan Thapa is going to make ‘MA YASTO GEET GAUCHHU 3’ with them. Sources claim that Paul and Pooja have also agreed to work. Also, they have worked together as a couple in the previous two series.

It is said that Paul and Pooja are trying to get closer to each other again after collaborating in ‘MA YASTO GEET GAUCHHU 3’. On Sunday, Pooja shared the poster of Paul’s film ‘Poojar Sarki’ and praised her as her ‘favourite hero’, indicating that their relationship is on the mend. Paul and Pooja have a good relationship with Director Thapa. Sudarshan is the one who saved both their careers.

It is said that director Thapa is thinking of bringing the ‘Love Song’ couple Pradeep Khadka and Pooja to the screen once again. Pradeep is working on Sudarshan’s film next year. He may collaborate with Pooja on the same film. When this couple is seen again on screen, it will be a big ‘surprise’ for the audience. Paul-Pooja and Pradeep-Pooja are the favorite couple of Nepali films.

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