New Update : Sushmita Regmi & Malvika Subba case (मनोज पाण्डे पक्राउ) 2022

Sushmita Regmi Case
Sushmita Regmi Case

Sushmita Regmi Posting 20 video clips on social network Tiktak, a young woman on Wednesday revealed the incident of rape by the organizer of a beauty pageant eight years ago.

According to the victim, Manoj Pandey, the organizer of Miss Global International and the operator of Model Global Visa Consultancy, raped her at the Everest Hotel in Baneshwor. On that day, Pandey took a photo and video and blackmailed her for six months.

But she did not get any help from anyone to go through the legal process of sexual violence against her. Former Miss Nepal Malvika Subba, who is also the choreographer of the competition, has complained that she was not helped. Subba has also apologized for not being able to help at that time.

Sushmita Regmi Case

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Sushmita Regmi

She also told her boyfriend about the incident and asked for help to go to the police. But even her boyfriend did not support her. While suffering from mental problems due to the incident, she became addicted to forgetting the pain.

On Friday evening, 48 hours after the release of the first video series, the same young woman released another video, crying, “What is the rule of Nepal?” The court will not take the file if the report is not submitted within a year, ”she said.

“Some people speak slowly, some speak fast, I just know now that the court will return the file even if the file is registered without a report for a year,” she said. A group has staged a sit-in outside the Prime Minister’s official residence in Baluwatar.

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Nepali Congress General Secretary and MP Gagan Kumar Thapa has asked to investigate the incident and take action against the culprits. He also said that the deadline management should be reconsidered. After the lawmakers raised questions, Speaker Agni Sapkota has ruled the government to investigate the incident.

Prime Minister’s wife and Congress central member Arju Rana Deuba has also urged the parliament to amend the law on rape. “Violence is a lifelong tragedy for them. For them, time is of the essence,” she said. #So there is no time limit to report such an incident.

Debate over time

The Code of Criminal Procedure, 2074 BS has fixed one year limit for filing a complaint on rape related offenses. In the case of a minor, a complaint must be lodged within one year of reaching the age of 18. The victim was 16 years old at the time of the incident and was a minor at the time. She is now 24 years old and the legal process has become complicated due to exceeding the time limit, according to the police.

But rights activists and activists say the incident is not just a case of ordinary rape but a crime against humanity. Advocate and human rights activist Shashi Basnet says that some countries have a time limit of 15/20 years for such offenses.

“There are instances in some countries where there is no time limit. In Nepal, if the incident happens today, the victim will file a complaint tomorrow,” she said. .

According to him, the parliament should understand that the victims have difficulty in going to the legal process immediately as the society is more protective of the perpetrators than the victims. “Again, all the victims may not have the same reaction due to different physical and mental conditions,” she says.

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नाबालिगमाथि बलात्कार गरेको आरोप लगेका मनोज पाण्डे पक्राउ परेका छन् ।

manoj Pandey 1 1
Manoj Pandey

Manoj Pandey has been arrested for raping a minor in the name of a beauty pageant. According to police sources, a team of the Crime Branch arrested Pandey from Swayambhu.

A young woman had accused Pandey of raping and sexually abusing her as a minor through social media. Police have taken action after the issue became a matter of national interest through social media.

The Home Ministry said it had drawn its attention to the video. The Police Headquarters has also formed a five-member committee under the direction of Home Minister Bal Krishna Khan to investigate the video and take necessary action. The committee headed by Senior Superintendent of Police Basanta Kunwar includes Superintendent of Police Krishna Koirala, Deputy Superintendent of Police Kopila Chudal, Deputy Superintendent of Police Hari Basnet and Inspector of Police Sapna Khadka. The committee has started its work from Friday.

The issue was also raised in Parliament on Friday. Nepali Congress MP Gagan Kumar Thapa had drawn the attention of the Parliament on this issue. After that, Speaker Agni Prasad Sapkota directed the government to investigate the matter and bring the culprit to justice.

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