Prakash Movie 2022 Review,Cast,Release Date,Story,Budget Collection

Nepali Prakash Movie 2022
Nepali Prakash Movie 2022Nepali Prakash Movie 2022

Prakash Movie 2022: The trailer of the new Nepali film ‘Prakash’ has been released. A formal event was organized in the capital on Tuesday and the trailer of the film was released. Starring Pradeep Khadka, Diya Maske and Renunath Yogi in lead roles, the film is about the journey of a young man from a lower class family to become a permanent teacher.

It has Pradeep in the central role. Produced by Mahendra Adhikari, the film is directed by Dinesh Raut. It is written by Vikas Subedi. Pradeep, Diya and Renu along with Prakash Ghimire, Rajan,Amjad Pravez, Govind Sunar, Pavitra Khadka, Niraj Panthi and other actors are acting in the film. Actor Pradeep Khadka, who has been seen in the roles of chocolate hero and rubber boy till now, will be seen in a different role in Prakash. In the teaser, a short part of the story of the struggle of a common teacher in the Far West can be seen.The teaser has given an idea that the film has worked in the far western language and environment.


Nepali Prakash Movie Informtion

Movie 🎥Prakash
Language Nepali
Country Nepal
Release Date26 August 2022
(Bhadra 10 2079)
Directed by Dinesh Raut
CastPradeep Khadka, Deeya Maskey, Prakash Ghimire,Rajan Khatiwoda, Amjad Prawej
Written by Bikash Subedi
Editor/Colorist Jeevan Thapa
Production company Binish Entertainment
Produced by Mahendra Adhikari

Nepali Prakash Movie Cast & Characters

◾Pradeep Khadka
◾Deeya Maskey
◾Prakash Ghimire
◾Rajan Khatiwoda
◾Amjad Prawej
◾Ranu Yogi
◾Dev Kumar Shrestha
◾Hum B.C
◾Prasant Shrestha
◾Govinda Sunar
◾Pabitra Khadka
◾Lokendra Lekhak
◾Niraj Panthi
◾DhaRaja Sunar

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Prakash Nepali Movie Box Office Collection

1st Day Box Office Collection 40 Lakh
2nd Day Box Office Collection 80 Lakh
3rd Day Box Office Collection 35 Lakh
Total Box Office Collection NPR. 1 Crore 55 Lakh
Life Time Total Box Office Collection

The teaser says that actor Pradeep Khadka plays the role of a teacher from the far western region in the movie. Along with Pradeep, the movie also stars Diya Maske, Prakash Ghimire, Rajan Khatiwada, Ranu Yogi, Hum Bisi and others. Written by Vikas Subedi, the film is produced by Mahendra Adhikari.

It is the fifth film directed by Dinesh Raut. Earlier his prasad was on display. In ‘Prasad’, he tried to tell the story in a different style from the films he was making before, on a social realist line. He said that he tried to make Prakash a step above Prasad.

It is also a new style work for Prakash Pradeep. At the trailer launch event, he said that this film is his new birth as an actor.

The production team said that the film, which will be screened from August 10, has almost secured the film’s investment from foreign rights. The rights of ‘Prakash’ have been sold in India, Canada, America and Europe.

Manchhe Manchhe Lyrics Song

The presented lines are included in the song ‘Manchhe Manchhe‘ from the movie ‘प्रकाश’. Written by Ashok Sherchan, the song questions the justification of the decades-long violent conflict.

In the song, the party and its leadership are criticized by saying that the then rebel Maoists who came to the peace process by taking up arms to bring about change forgot the citizens’ agenda.

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Composed by Alice Karki, the song has Satyaraj Acharya’s voice. The class conflict is presented at the center of the song, which includes moving scenes. Dissatisfaction has been expressed in the song saying that even though the system has changed, the problem remains the same.

Pradeep Khadka has acted in the lead role of the film which is about to be released on 10th of August. The film portrays the struggle of an underprivileged youth from Jumla to fulfill his dream by taking a job as a teacher in an environment of armed conflict.

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