Krishmi Thapa’s Story,Tara Air Hostess

Krishmi Thapa
Krishmi Thapa

Krishmi Thapa’s story that makes everyone cry: Krishmi Thapa, who did not get her father’s love, became an air hostess

Krishmi Thapa,Kismi thapa tara air hostess

On Sunday afternoon, a young girl was crying in the waiting room of Pokhara Airport. There were tears in the eyes of others standing by. Eyes waiting in the waiting room were looking for the ship’s airhostess Krishmi Thapa. S o m e of them were air hostesses like Krishmi Thapa.

The plane Tara Air, which flew from Pokhara to Jomsom on Sunday, was not found even after hours. They were waiting for Krishmi to return. With the announcement that the ship had crashed on Monday morning and that all on board had died, their hopes were dashed. His friend Krishmi will never return.

Krismi, who was always smiling and agile among her friends, had suffered a lot in her life. Krishmi’s father Thapa Magar is from Syangja Chapakot and his mother is from a Dalit family. After Krishmi was born, her father kicked her out of the house. Carrying Krishmi, the mother went to the nearby Maite. Krishmi grew up in Maiti, read.

krishmi thapa

According to Krishmi’s cousin Sharmila Rupal, Krishmi, who studied in the village till class 10, studied at Walling of Plus Two Syangja. Then she came to Pokhara to become an air hostess. She enrolled in the Airlines Flight Attendant Academy in Pokhara in 2015. After completing a six-month air hostess course, Krishmi worked for a few months at the Avia Club in Pokhara.

Soon after, so many airlines advertised for air hostesses. She passed. So many airlines sent him to Tara Air. She had been working as an air hostess at Tara Air for the past five years. When she started working for Tara Air, she was responsible for the family finances.

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For Krishmi, who grew up in her mother-in-law’s house, there was nothing more than the happiness of her mother and grandmother. We are all fortunate to have a mother, mother-in-law and grandmother like you, especially I consider myself very lucky. I grew up in your arms when I was young. I got your care and attention. When I grow up to be a woman, how can I be able to move forward in life with struggle, confidence, self-confidence and courage.

Time is of the essence, the full moon comes after every ounce, so never despair, I remember your saying that one day I will be weak! The source of my inspiration and courage is to see you laughing like this forever Pam, to be able to give a thousand times as much love as Pam and you have given to serve you is the goal of my life ’.. ‘

Krishmi had taken charge of the education of the siblings of the family. She taught her cousin Sharmila and her brother in Pokhara and taught science to another brother in Kathmandu. She also sometimes suggested her cousin Sharmila to become an air hostess. Even after meeting him on Saturday, Krishmi told him to be a good person.

Sharmila, who was found in the waiting room of the airport, said with tears in her eyes, “You should study well last night, you should be a good person, I am, he said, where is he today.”

Salina said that she was told to call home when she returned to the camp of Krishmi Airlines after eating and drinking at Lakeside. “I was told to go home well last evening and call home,” she said. Manisha is a very good person. ‘Krishmi Thapa was written in her citizenship. Her family and friends used to call her Manisha.

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Krishmi used to work as an air hostess in Jomsom, Lukla and Nepalgunj flights under Tara Air. His mandate was to return from Mustang to Kathmandu on Sunday and another route on Monday. But she could not return from the Mustang.
Her airhostess friend Dipali Singh, who had been living with Krishmi for about four years, came to Pokhara asking for leave. She was sitting in the waiting room of the airport with Krishmi’s other friends.

Dipali and Krishmi met in Kathmandu through a friend. When they met, they agreed to live together. Now they are on leave for their own work. But their proximity is not lost. “Krishmi is my roommate. We used to talk sadly. She was very proud to be able to teach her siblings,” said Dipali.

Krishmi had a habit of hanging out and having fun as time went on. She used to tell her friends to go for a walk. According to Dipali, she considered friends as family members and friends’ relatives as her own people. Pramila Ghale from Pokhara remembers that Krishmi always treated her own sister. Pramila’s sister is also an air hostess. Sister’s friend Krishmi.

“My sister’s friend Krishmi used to call me sister, she used to tell me her sadness without hiding it,” she said. “I have never felt any different from my sister.” She said that despite being her student, Krishmi remembers her as a friend and parent.
“When I went to Kathmandu, I used to stay with Krishmi. When she came to Pokhara, we used to meet,” she said.

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Honest people, there was nothing deceitful. ‘ The administration, which does not grant citizenship in the name of the mother, asked for citizenship in the name of the father. But her father was far away from her and her mother.

“My father did not agree to make Krishmi a citizen, he agreed after a long time,” she said. “She was very happy even after suffering so much. This ChiSSS was also ingrained in the minds of Krishmi’s friends. He was not likely to return. The managing director of the academy, who studied air hostess Krishmi, said, “God will take a good man fast!”

Kismi thapa air hostess

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