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How to treat heart disease in cold weather?

What to eat ?

What to do with heart disease ? Learn something about the solution today…

The temperature has risen in all parts of the country including the valley. In this season, special care should be taken for the health of children and the elderly. Not only children and the elderly but also patients suffering from asthma and heart disease should take special care in this season.
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With the onset of cold, the number of people coming to the capital’s hospitals with heart problems has been increasing. The number of patients with heart attack, heart failure, blood pressure and stroke has increased significantly, according to hospital data.

  • How does it affect?

Senior Cardiologist Dr. says that the cold first affects the outer part of our body, the skin. Then the cold penetrates through the skin and affects the blood vessels attached to the skin. As the temperature rises, the external blood vessels constrict. When a blood vessel constricts, the blood flows to the inner tube. Or the blood that flows in the outer tube stays in the inner tube.

It can also cause blood clots. On the other hand, when the blood from the outer vein enters the inner vein, its pressure increases. The inner vein is like a body of blood and its direct effect is on the heart. The arteries of the heart cannot work. As the blood flow to the heart becomes unbalanced, it works to increase blood pressure.

Not only that, there is a possibility of blood clotting in cold weather. This is because when the temperature rises, the level of protein that helps blood to clot (cortisol) also increases. The heart needs to be more active to adjust the amount of heat in the body. It also increases the pressure.

Not only does blood clot during winter but it also hardens the arteries. Sometimes this causes obstruction in blood flow. This can also increase blood pressure. When blood flow is obstructed. This can lead to heart attack, heart failure and stroke. Bathing can even cause heartburn when it is cold. Cold sores can cause tonsillitis in children and cause heartburn.

Colds can also affect the lungs and cause pneumonia. Pneumonia caused by colds is a risk factor for children and adolescents. It affects the lungs, but sometimes the effects of the lungs can cause heart problems.

Colds can be a major cause of death in everyday life. This happens when the blood flow in the heart is unbalanced. Therefore, special care should be taken by heart patients, old people and children during winter season.

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  • What to do then?

– Heart patients do not go out in the morning walk during the winter

– Regular health check-ups for heart patients

– Exercise should be done indoors – Wear thick socks as it penetrates the body through cold feet.

– Wear warm clothes to prevent cold from entering the chest and lungs

– As the body does not bathe when the feet are cold, force the feet to keep warm -Do not bathe in hot water, soak in hot water bag.

– Special massage on the feet by heating oil

– Sit back in the morning sun

– Wearing thick clothes on the body

– Heater can be heated by keeping ventilation in the living room.

What to eat ?

Dr. The suggestion is as follows: 
– Eat plenty of hot soups – Eat plenty of hot water – In Kalochia, the patient’s current food is also good for the body. – Food can also be avoided by making a deep solution.

– You can also make jwano soup and eat it – Gundruk soup, soybean meal and roasted corn meal are also very beneficial in winter. Heart patients can eat fish and poultry. – Garlic and ginger are also beneficial

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