Harka Sampang Rai Biography, Age, Education, Family

Harka Sampang Rai Biography
Harka Sampang Rai Biography

Harka Sampang Rai, who was elected as the mayor of Dharan Sub-metropolis on behalf of independents, was born in 2039 BS in Khartamchha of Khotang.

Harka Sampang Rai Personal Details

Harka Sampang Real NameHarkaraj Rai
Date of BirthFebruary 27, 1983
Harka Sampang Rai Age39 (2022 AD)
ReligionKirat and Hindu
Marital StatusMarried
Harka Sampang Rai Birth PlaceKhotang, Kopilabasgadi Rural Municipality -2
Current Address (Hometown)Sunsari, Dharan
Hair and Eye ColorBlack
Height5.5 Fit

On Friday, he came to Dharan for higher education in 2055 BS after giving SLC from Mavic. He studied politics and sociology at Mahendra Multipurpose Campus till graduation.

Hark, a son of a former British Lahure, taught English and computer at the Tuition Center in Dharan for some time. He spent six years working in Iraq and Afghanistan. Interested in literature, he writes and sings songs himself. He also released an album called ‘Missing Heart’ a decade ago.

Hark Sampang, who was born in Khotang in 2039 BS, now lives in Dharan (18 Buddhachowk).

Harka Sampang Rai Family Details

Father N/A
Mother N/A
Sister Rukmini Ra
Wife of Harka Sampang Rai N/A
ChildrenOne Son

He is survived by his mother, wife, and two children. His wife runs a small grocery store at home. After returning from abroad, he bought some cars and rented them out. That is the source of his income.

He used to carry a microphone on the streets of Dharan on social media and give speeches on various issues including drinking water and the exploitation of natural resources. Many people did not come to hear such speeches. But whether anyone listened or not, Sampang continued to speak.

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He wanted to do something for the country. He has a stubborn and rebellious nature that continues after starting any work.

The agitation was formed by forming a struggle committee after the 105-meter Madan Bhandari Highway passing through Dharan in 2072 BS uprooted hundreds of families along Dhankute Road. He was the co-coordinator of the committee.

His turning point was the struggle against the same Dhankute road expansion. After that, Sampang started raising his voice on the social issues of Dharan.

He continued to speak out against corruption and bigotry. Sampang understands that he believes in himself while raising his voice on small issues of people’s livelihood.

“I have not raised a big issue. I have raised the issue of people’s livelihood. The people do not need a big issue,” he said. I raised my voice, so people are watching me. ‘

Not only on local issues but also against border encroachment and MCC, he sometimes walked alone, sometimes with a limited number of his supporters.

Harka Sampang Rai

When the issue of border encroachment escalated, he even went in front of the eastern contingent of the Nepal Army in Itahari and staged a demonstration saying that the army should be deployed at the border and not at the barracks. A group of Jada contractors attacked and injured his supporters in protest of the indiscriminate excavation of the Sardu River. Police later charged him and his accomplices. He was also arrested for vandalizing a drinking water pipe.

Whatever he did, he also did live on his social network Facebook. Thousands of people in Dharan and abroad have connected with him in this way, and are aware of his campaign. He was not allowed to visit all the wards after receiving the election symbol and started his election campaign through Facebook.

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Harka Sampang Rai

Sampang says the source of his power is loyalty and continuity. He also stood in the by-election of Dharan mayor of 2076 BS. Only then did he get 422 votes? Even then, the Dharanas voted for change, defeating Congress candidate Tilak Rai for the first time in a communist stronghold. The people of Dharan were disappointed that even after the victory of the Congress in Dharan, which was being won by the Communists, nothing could be done.

Sampang says that this time they voted for him as a suitable character. “Political parties have been very careless. Disillusionment among the people increased after the police were called in to demand drinking water.

The people’s representatives who came to power misused it, and on the election field I was in a position to fight, ‘he says of the reason the people believed,’ even if I lost the by-election, I was always among the people. Walking around understanding the problems in Tol Tol, seeing my loyalty, he voted for me. Political parties go door-to-door only during elections. ‘

He is constantly raising the issue of drinking water. He said that if he is elected as the mayor, he will give priority to stopping the leakage of drinking water and the black market immediately. He said that he would not join any party as the political parties were hiding the crime.

However, Sampang says that he likes communism in terms of faith and doctrine. “I like communism in principle but I am not a member of any party.

I work for the benefit of the poor, I protect them, “he said.” I will not stay in politics. We have to come only because the leaders of the political parties are not good. Service flow should be good. If I win, I will do one term, then if need be, there can be continuity.

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Harka Sampang Rai

Harka Sampang Rai

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