Father’s Day Quotes In Nepali Language 2022-Fathers Day In Nepali

Father's Day Quotes In Nepali
Father's Day Quotes In Nepali

Happy Father’s Day Quotes In Nepali: For children, their father is no less than a superman or a magician, who is always ready to do anything for them on one leg.  But a father is burdened with the responsibilities of the household as well as the outside world.

Due to which his image seems to be a tough and tough hearted person, but in reality, even a tough looking father like coconut is full of tenderness and affection and affection like mother. Father’s Day is celebrated every year on 27th August to appreciate the respect and love of father. If you also want to express your love to your father and want to make him feel special, then this Father’s Day send him thoughts on father (Father’s Day Quotes in Nepali), Father’s Day Status (Father’s Day Status in Nepali), Father’s Quotes in Nepali ( Father Quotes in Nepali and Father’s Day Shayari in Nepali and best wishes.

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Happy Father’s Day Quotes In Nepali

Father’s Day Quotes In Nepali ,Bua ko mukh herne din ko status nepali,buwako mukha herne dinako shubhakamana 2022

अनावश्यक, यो संसारमा उहाँ हाम्रो शान हुनुहुन्छ, बाबा नै हाम्रो अस्तित्वको र पहिलो पहिचान हुन।
The one who gives his life out of the body is very strong, the father who gives the daughter.
तिमी मेरो प्रिय हौ,तिमी मेरो अति मिल्ने साथि हाै। हरेक इच्छा पूरा गर्ने, तपाईं भगवान भन्दा पनि महान हुनुहुन्छ, बाबा।
Aaj Mero Sansar Ma Dherai Dhan, IjjatbHunuko Mul Udeshya Bhaneko Mero Buba Ko Karan Ho.
Tapai Mero Preeya Hau,Mero Ati Milne Sathi Hau. Harek Ikchha Pura Garne,Tapai Bhagwan Bhanda Pani Mahan Hunuhunchha Dear Baba. Happy Father's Day Baba
Home is heard without mother and life without father… Happy Father's Day wishes.
Father's Day Status In Nepali
Father’s Day Status In Nepali

Father’s Day Quotes In Nepali/ Buwa Ko Mukha Herne Dinako Shubhakamana

मेरो हिम्मत, मेरो इज्जत, बाबा मेरो सबैथोक हो, र मेरो पहिचान बुबा हो।  Happy Father's Day.
मलाई छायामा राखेर, आफै घाममा जलिरहनु भयो।
मैले मेरो बुबालाई परीको रुपमा देख्न पाएको छु।
My courage, my honor, father is my strength, my identity is father.  Happy Father's Day Dad❤️
Baba Ko Haisiyat Bhagwan Ko Jasto Chha, Baba Ko Aaula Samaya Bhane BatoPani Sajilo Hunchha.
Sabai Bhandai Khusi Thaha Painchha, Jaha Buwale Aafno Kakhama Rakhnu Hunchha. Happy Father's Day 2022
बाबाको हैसियत भगवानको जस्तो छ, बाबाको औंला समाए भने बाटो पनि सजिलो हुन्छ।
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Father’s Day Quotes In Nepali
Anawshak Yo Sansar Ma Baba Hamro Shan Hunuhunchha, Baba Nai Hamro अस्तित्व Ra Pahilo Pahichan Huna.
Unnecessary in this world, He is our Father, our glory, the first identity of human existence is Father. 

Father’s Day Quotes In Nepali

भुल्न नसकिने माया, त्यो मेरो प्यारो बुबाको माया हो!जसको मनमा म छु, उहा नै मेरो सारा संसार हो। Happy Father's Day 2022
Hajarau Ko Bhidama Pani Chininchha Baba Lai, Hamile Baba Lai Kehi Nabhani Pani Sabai Thaha Hunchha. Happy Father's Day Status In Nepali
Father laughs, makes me laugh too, my father makes me happy, my father.
When I am angry, I am comforted by my dear father. I am his doll and my dearest friend is my father. Happy Father's Day Shayari In Nepali
I find peace with my father,I enjoy life when Baba is with me, I get the zest to live.
Happy Father's day Shayari in nepali
Father’s Day Quotes In Nepali
Ma Mero Dad Sang Shanti Pauchhu, Dad Sathama Huda Jiwan Aananda Laagchha, Malai Bachne Josh Aauchha.
म मेरो बुबासँग शान्ति पाउँछु,बाबा साथमा हुँदा जीवन आनन्द लाग्छ, मलाई बाँच्ने जोश आउँछ।
Bazar Ma SABAI Chij Kinna Painachha, Bas Aafno Baba Aama Ko Maya Bahek.

Nepali Father’s Day Wishes In English

You are my best friend Dad..!!  happy fathers day Dad❤️
Everything is available in the market, Just don't get the love of parents..!!
You spend your life on my small wish, father
Father is the second form of God Happy Fathers Day.

Meree chhotee chhotee khvaish par tum jaan lutaate ho paapa paramaatma ka doosara roop pita hai happy fathairs day.
By putting me in the shade, you are burning yourself in the sun. I got to see my father as an angel.
All happiness is found there.Where the father holds him in his arms.
Dear Dad ❤️ You are my love, you are my everything. Fulfilling every desire, You are greater than God, Father.

The reason I have so much wealth and respect in the world today is because of my father.

happy Father's Day Wishes In Nepali
happy Father’s Day Wishes In Nepali
Papa you are my teacher, who can never break.
I only laugh at my happiness,but seeing my smile,someone your sorrow was being forgotten, he was papa.
Where happiness is found,When dad gets a nap in his lap. Happy Fathers Day Dad.
सपनाहरु मेरा थिए तर पूरा गर्ने बाटो अरु कसैलाई देखाइयो र त्यो मेरो बाबा हुनुहुन्थ्यो !! बुवा दिवसको शुभकामना!
Sapanaharu Mero Thiyo Tar Pura Garne Bato Aru Kasaile Deidinu Bhayo Ra Tyo Mero Baba Hunuhunchha. Happy Father's Day 💞 Love U Baba 🥰
What to say for papa,He is the jewel of the family..!! Happy Father's Day!
Baba Lai Ke Bhannu Uha Pariwar Ko Gahana Hun, Happy Father's day Dad🥰

◾Buwa Ko Mukha Herne Dinako Shubhakamana 2079

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