Does drinking hot water in the morning clean our stomach,Health Tips and care

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Does drinking hot water in the morning clean our stomach,Health Tips and care  

Benefits of drinking hot lemon water on empty stomach.

There are many people in the world who start their morning with tea and coffee. But it also causes many diseases.

Instead we use hot water regularly which is very beneficial and beneficial from the point of view of health.

It is important to drink 8 to 10 glasses of normal water a day, and drinking a glass of hot water helps a lot in staying healthy and wholesome.

तातो पानी पिउनाले अदभूत लाभ हुन्छ 

1. Prevention of infection is:

Hot water boosts the body’s immunity and relieves problems like fever and cough.

2. For good and healthy hair:

Using hot water strengthens the hair follicles as well as helps to make the hair thicker and longer.

3. For healthy and good skin:

Drinking hot water keeps the skin healthy, as well as helps control pimples, blackheads and boils.

4. To lose weight:

Regular drinking of hot water burns excess body fat and it helps a lot in reducing the body.

5. Valley damage:

Drinking hot water kills the bacteria in the valley. It also eliminates infections in the valley.

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6. The useless elements in the body come out:

Drinking hot water flushes out the toxins in the body. It makes the body function healthier and better.

7. Acidity:

Drinking hot water regularly in the morning normalizes digestion and also eliminates the problem of acidity.

8. Abdominal pain:

Regular drinking of hot water flushes out the toxins in the stomach and relieves stomach infections and pain.

9. Constipation:

Regular drinking of hot water cleanses our stomach and also solves the problem of constipation. 

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