Bawaal movie review: A Captivating Journey through a Maze of Emotions and Riveting Entertainment

Bawaal Movie Review- Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor

Bawaal movie review: Nitesh Tiwari has made so much recognition that the audience is curious about his film. He has made his new film ‘Bawaal’ with young stars Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor, who are struggling to make their mark as actors.

Under the direction of Nitesh, both these actors have given more than their capacity and have shown that they can do something if they get the best director.


Bawaal Movie is the story of Lucknow-based Ajju (Varun Dhawan) who lives with his parents. Generally, films are getting typed in showing UP people, but it is a matter of happiness that such characters are not seen in this film.

Ajju is very conscious of his image. Made a body, learned the style, and shoots a bullet, but is not happy with the job of a school teacher. He has spread illusions about himself that he wanted to become a cricketer, wanted to join the army, and wanted to become a star, but could not become so due to some reasons. He is so much in love with his image that he starts living a life of falsehood and showing off.


He is married to Nisha (Janhvi Kapoor) who is smarter than Ajju in every respect. Ajju marries a beautiful girl like Nisha only to threaten his image, but an incident happens when he does not accept Nisha as his wife and does not behave well.

Ajju gets into such a ruckus at school that he leaves for Europe with Nisha. From there he teaches his students about World War 2 through videos. The events during this journey, World War 2, have a deep impact on Ajju.

Nitesh Tiwari’s wife Ashwini Iyer Tiwari has written the story of this film. It is a love story, it is a story of people living a false life, it is a story of people unnecessarily unhappy in life and it also has a twist of World War 2. All these things have been covered very well. A light-hearted atmosphere has been kept in the film through romance, emotion and comedy and such things have been said in the talks which have a deep meaning.

Husband and wife who have nothing in common, whose relationship is going towards divorce, the track of blossoming of love in that barren relationship is very beautiful. Ajju’s inner journey is also beautifully depicted through the sequences which lead to a life of falsehood and sham. It has been said through his journey that people have forgotten to live life and are not happy with what is near.

The backdrop of World War 2 given in the story and how this horrific incident happened in the past affects the lives of Ajju and Nisha has been beautifully highlighted in the film. Anne Frank, a 15-year-old girl who writes down the daily incidents in her diary, the gas chamber incident and the World War 2 survivor’s speech sequences are emotional and the way these things have been linked to Ajju-Nisha is commendable.

The screenplay by Nikhil Mehrotra, Shreyas Jain, Piyush Gupta and Nitesh Tiwari is excellent. He does not let the fun element and romance get lost throughout the film despite some serious talk in the film and with great ease the film says a lot. The bag-changing incident makes me laugh.
Coming to the shortcomings, Nisha’s getting ready to marry Ajju without knowing him or Ajju’s lack of knowledge about history even after being a teacher, is shocking, but these can be ignored.
It is a difficult film for the director. It was a very difficult task to put on the screen what the story wants to say, but Nitesh Tiwari did it very easily. The feelings going on inside the characters and what the author wants to say, he has conveyed to the audience with understanding. He has also succeeded in presenting the characters of Ajju and Nisha.
Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor play the characters with ease. Varun portrayed his character in. The ‘atmosphere’ has been created and the audience likes it. Janhvi Kapoor needs a little more work on dialogue delivery, but her work is improving, and the way she has given maturity to her character is appealing.

The supporting cast is excellent from Manoj Pahwa, Anjuman Saxena, Mukesh Tiwari and others. The music by Mithun, Tanishk Bagchi and Akashdeep Sengupta is melodious. The film is also strong in the technical department including cinematography.
Bawal has been released directly on OTT, but if released in theatres, it could have performed well at the box office as well. However, it remains to be seen.

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