Balen’s preparation to stop Hindi films in theaters by sending city police from tomorrow.

The 3-day ultimatum given by Kathmandu Mayor Balendra Shah to the South Indian movie ‘Adipurush’ is ending today. But after the controversial dialogues were not removed from the movie, Balen prepared to stop the screening of the Indian film in Kathmandu.

According to metropolitan sources, Indian movies will not be allowed to play in any theater in Kathmandu from tomorrow. The metropolis is preparing to intervene if the halls of Kathmandu continue to screen Indian films. Balen has planned to mobilize the city police in the halls from tomorrow morning.

Adipurush Movie

The source said, “There is little possibility of the government’s cooperation and coordination in the action of the metropolis.” The security agency of the metropolis is the city police. We will use that to stop Hindi films.

Balen had also written to the Ministry of Communications to take the initiative with the film producer to remove the controversial dialogue of Adipurush. However, the Ministry of Communications has not yet given any reply to Balen’s letter and has not informed that any initiative has been taken with the Indian producer. Therefore, Balen has prepared to take action on his own behalf.

Instead of correcting the dialogue, the writer of the movie gave an interview with Aaj Tak and made a controversial statement that Nepal was once a part of India. He has not accepted the weakness of his part in the movie. In an interview, he said, ‘India and Nepal are separate countries but not separate nations. Nepal was a part of India till 1903. Janaki from India is the daughter of India.

The Censor Board of Nepal had muted the word ‘Bharat’ from the dialogue where Sita is said to be the daughter of India and allowed ‘Adi Purush’ to be screened. Now Adipurush is running in halls across the country including Kathmandu. However, there is criticism from India to Nepal that this movie has distorted the mythology.

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