Balen Shah Leading by 40,003 Votes In Kathmandu Mayor New Update

Balen Shah
Balen Shah

Balen Shah

Independent candidate Balendra Sah (Balen Shah) has maintained the lead of more than 40,000 votes in Kathmandu Metropolitan City while Nepali Congress candidate Sirjana Singh has overtaken UML candidate Keshav Sthapit.

केशव स्थापित सीर्जना भन्दा पछि परेको छ। बालेनले ४० हजारभन्दा बढी मत पाएका छन् ।

According to the results till 12:12 this afternoon , Sirjana Singh got 22,794 votes while UML candidate Keshav Sthapit got 22,094 votes. Sirjana is ahead of Keshav by 655 votes.

Independent candidate Balen Sah is ahead of Congress’ Sirjana Singh by 17,254 votes while UML’s Keshav is ahead of Sthapit by 17,909 votes.

Ward numbers 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 23? The final results of the counting of votes in 24, 25 and 26 wards are yet to come.

कसको कति मत ?

समय: 12:12 बजे
बालेन्द्र साह(Balen Shah):40,003
सिर्जना सिंहले(Sirjana Shing): 22,749
केशव स्थापित (Keshab Sthapit) : 22,094

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