Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali Movie (2022) Cast & Crew,Release Date, Story,Review

Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali Movie 2022
Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali Movie 2022

The trailer of the film ‘Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali‘ directed by Sujith Bidari has been released.  The trailer of the film, which was successfully screened at various festivals, was released on Sunday.
The trailer of the film features the main character Vidya and her brother Basant.  A glimpse of the desire for education and the obstacles to achieve it can be seen in the trailer of the film.

According to the production side, the film is based on the struggle of sister Vidya, who has given up her desire to read, to find out that her sister Vidya’s poem has been published in Muna magazine, risking her life to find the magazine.From the scenes shown in the trailer, it can be felt that the film is made on the relationship between sister and brother.

This film of Bidari has been selected and screened in various international film festivals.  The film has been selected in festivals including Busan International Film Festival in South Korea, Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh, Jalin Film Festival in Czech Republic and Asia Pacific Screen Awards in Australia.

The film won the most awards in Busan in the ‘New Current Section’ of Rashi.Bidari’s debut film ‘Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali ‘ stars Siru Bishta, Dinesh Khatri, Visha Chamling Rai, Kanchan Chimaria and others.The film will be screened in theaters from August 24.

Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali Movie Introduction

🎬️ MovieAinaa Jhyal Ko Putali
Country Nepal
Release DateBhadra २४/Sep 9
Directed bySujith Bidari
WriterSujith Bidari
Produced byRupesh Ghimire
Script Analyst/ConsultantSuraj Poudel
Anup Poudel
SubtitlesPrawin Adhikari
EditorKiran Shrestha
MusicSangam Panta
CinematographerAmar Maharjan
CastKanchan Chimariya, Dinesh Khatri, Siru Bista, Ashok Siwakoti, Bisha Chamling Rai, Umesh Shrestha, Mallika Shrestha, Raj Thapa, Padam Prasad Poudel
Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali Movie Poster

Ainaa Jhyal Ko Putali Cast And Character

  • Kanchan Chimariya
  • Dinesh Khatri
  • Siru Bista
  • Ashok Siwakoti
  • Bisha Chamling Rai
  • Umesh Shrestha
  • Mallika Shrestha
  • Raj Thapa
  • Padam Prasad Poudel
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