Aayush’s luscious love affair with Pakistani girl Alija, Love Story


How will the love of Nepal-Pakistan be? The country’s relations are good. However, the Nepalese are not so mixed with the people living there, they are not mixed either. However, 19-year-old Nepali Thito Ayush Singh Thakuri has made a friend of a Pakistani girl. In other words, they are trying to make a girlfriend.

Aliza Jamali is a Pakistani girl. They are not the only ones who come to Tik Tok Live, each other’s families also come together and speak. As the same family speaks. Ayush belongs to the Hindu community, and Alija belongs to the Muslim community. However, different religions did not separate them but rather brought them closer. She makes attractive shoes by hand.
She has been in Dubai for 12 years. Father, mother, 1 brother, 1 sister. Alijah, 22 years old, has studied Vaechler. She belongs to the Muslim community. She also speaks Nepali. She talks about love. More than 30,000 join together on Aayush and Alijah’s Tiktok Live. He listens to friendly conversations with pleasure. Both talk openly on Tiktok. They talk about marriage. They play and ask questions. Alija speaks Nepali unknowingly.

Aayush has also composed a song – Saat Samundar, remembering Elije. In the song, he says – He wanted to walk together holding hands. Life is dark without you, make it bright. Ayush also makes funny videos. He is an expert in Lipsing. Even though she is a Pakistani girl, Elije has been making Tiktik videos on Nepali songs. They have made videos saying to bring black glasses, come and bring Pirate. She has also drawn Nepal in the sand saying that she will live with you. She is showing love to Nepal and Nepalese people.
It seems like a lover. But when do they become lovers? Sometimes they fight. Alija’s songs are worth listening to. If you ask for love, you will give love, if you ask for food, you will give food, if you ask for chuppa, we will give you four children. They enjoy. Come on my old man, is it alright? She also asks that. How many times she even jokes that you are my brother? Ayush sometimes asks if he will marry me. Alijah says – Don’t forget to splash water. Alija learned to speak Nepali from Ayush. Despite being across the ocean, no one could stop them. Elije challenges Aayush on Tik Tok Live and says – spend 6 days without me. Alija’s loves are tempting. I want to see I am sad without you. She also shows love to Aayush. They are not only in TikTok relationships. They also exchange gifts on birthdays.

Aayush also shares his pains. It’s been a year and a half, I can’t sleep, what’s wrong with me? Aliza advises him – to go to the hospital. They talk a lot about love. Many people think that they are listening. Eliza wears a veil or a niqab. Many have not seen his face. However, the love he showed towards Nepali people touched many people. Gifts rain. They live for hours every day. Many spend the night listening to them. They met once in Dubai. After that, the only way to connect them is through tickets.
The young generation believes that this chakhewa couple is only for views, gifts or they are in a relationship. The future will show that. However, they have calmed the hearts of many people, they have put ointment on the pain. They have controlled those who engage in the Drugs Kulat in their free time. Aayush Tiktok’s earnings have also been spent on social work. Funds have been raised to treat the poor and needy. May Tiktok not kill many people, connect them, destroy the house, or strengthen.

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