Aana and Sushant’s musical collaboration between the Talk of Love (SARANGI) 2023

Sushant Kc

Singer Sushant KC and actress Aanna Sharma have been openly dating for a year. Along with their relationship, their musical collaboration is also happening. Last Saturday, Sushant and Aanna Sharma collaborated on a new song ‘Sarangi’ released on YouTube, which has been viewed nearly 3 million times in four days.

Anaa Sharma
sushant kc

As of Wednesday, this song is at the top of YouTube trending. These two are featured in a romantic style in the video as well. The video concept and styling of the song, which is written and composed by Sushant, is by Ana. This couple, who only acted in the previous song, have collaborated on this one. This musical collaboration has also refuted the rumours that there was a rift in this couple’s relationship recently.

Sushant KC And Anna Sharma (Sarangi)

Lately, both Ana and Sushant are free. Sushant, who was the coach in season 2 of ‘Voice Kids’, got busy with the production of this song after he got free time, while Ana also got free time after the shooting of the film ‘Jerry Untop’ with Anmol KC was stopped. It seems that this couple spends their free time developing the song ‘Sarangi’. This song by singer Sushant, who is preferred among the younger generation, shows a loving attitude.

While Sushant was on the top of Spotify's Most Listened list last year, Ana is waiting for a hit film.

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