A can of beer was thrown at Prakash Saput on stage in Romania (2023)

Prakash Saput

Singer Prakash Saput, who came to Romania to give his musical performance, was hit with a bottle. Yuvraj Lamichhane, a journalist who is also the host of the program, informed Midday that a beer can was thrown at Saput while he was performing at the ‘Yad Nepali Musical Festival-2’ musical program organized by the Nepali community at Herastu Park in Romania on Sunday night.

Prakash Saput

While Saput was singing the song ‘Bol Maya’, suddenly a beer can was thrown at him from the audience gallery. While the local artists were performing in the program, the audience, who came from far away, was demanding Saput’s performance first. Lamichhane said that when Saput was called to perform on the stage late because it was drizzling and the audience was drunk, one person threw a can of beer from the audience and became angry.
Lamichhane informed me that after throwing the can, the security police took him into custody and detained him. According to Saput’s request and the organizer’s initiative, preparations are being made to release the person from the local administration. Although Saput got a minor injury on his forehead from the bottle, he continued with the program. A famous singer from Nepal, Priti Ale, also came to Romania to perform with Saput. Even after the unexpected incident, the program was restarted and completed successfully.

Gurung apologized for throwing a can of beer at Prakash Saput on stage


Suman Gurung has apologized for throwing a bottle at singer Prakash Saput who came to Romania to give a musical performance. Gurung, who threw a can of beer at Saput while performing at the ‘Yaad Nepali Musical Festival-2’ organized by the Nepali community at Herastu Park in Romania on Sunday night, has apologized to the organizers along with singer Saput and Nepali people around the world.

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He apologized and made it clear that it was an unknowing mistake on his part and that he did not act on anyone’s instigation. Apologizing and accepting her apology, Saput said that even though he was hurt in his heart, he wanted her future and family not to be hurt.

Saput said that he would go to Nepal and meet Gurung’s father and mother and also suggested Gurung stop drinking alcohol. After Saput asked the organizer to forgive Gurung, the organizer also withdrew the case registered with the local administration.

The organizers have paid compensation to Gurung for the impact and loss caused by him. ‘Due to him, the program became rude and it caused a great loss. Because of this, we have paid him about Rs 80,000 as compensation,’ Naresh Giri, the organizer of the event, said in a conversation with Midanh.

Born in the Tehrathum district, Gurung, who has been working in Romania for about two years, has expressed his commitment not to repeat such mistakes in future. A well-known singer from Nepal, Preeti Ale, had come to Romania to perform with Saput, and they will return to Nepal on Tuesday, according to Yuvraj Lamichhane, the organizer of the program and journalist.

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