A 23-year old woman Ayesha died from suicide by jumping into the river.

A 23-year old woman Ayesha died from suicide by jumping into the river. 


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Right now the thing is about Ayesha …. an audio clip is going on in which Ayesha’s father is begging, father’s voice trembles for fear of losing his child, he cares, then threatens … I do something I will take you son …. See your mother is crying, you will not listen to me? I swear by the Quran Sharif, I send you to pick up Montu… See son you do not talk wrong, I will go to Jalore tomorrow and make everything right….

Ayesha’s answer comes, but what will happen to me Papa, Arif I will not get it …. Father again says – Son, listen to me … See how crazy your name is … Recreation in different ways Are …. Ammi’s sick voice also comes from the side – son Allah Pak is watching everyone, be confident …. The answer is that every time —— No I am tired … my life I am troubled by it… It seems that all the grief from around the world is in the hands of that girl and in the voice of the father

Has gone….

Knowing all these news,

You do not know when a river starts flowing on your cheeks while listening and watching. Your teary eyes start looking for Ayesha around her… It is not about religion, not even Ayesha or Asha, of a woman, of a life, of an innocent soul…. Why are we so constrained? Is that there is no way left… Is there such a big anguish for not getting love?

True, it would be very painful to have a husband talk to his girlfriend in front of his wife, this is a really heartbreaking moment when you see love for someone else in your husband’s eyes.

But we women are made of special clay, we have to come to establish our existence, we must come…. We should be able to maintain our thoughts, thinking and conduct, by our moral strength and by the strength of character in our favorable circumstances Come to make, must come…

Why we are taught in upbringing that everything will be alright, why not tell that nothing is going to change until we fight our own battles… why do we wait for someone, why do we let someone out of our lives Also give more importance? Why any one’s love becomes so important to us that we have to get it at any cost … If it is not found, then we are shattered …

Could Ayesha return to herself? Could have loved herself ..?

In this society, whether Ayesha or Asha, knees and daughters are dying every moment… but we have to understand the compulsions of them all. In the midst of a slowly changing society, we will create an environment where daughters are not just expected to bear but are given the courage to say their words….

In Hathras, a father fights for his daughter’s destiny and loses his life, and in Ahmedabad, a father is unable to stop his daughter from dying and eventually dies while living himself …. just a splash with voice….

Somewhere there is the sound of gunfire, somewhere there is the sound of drowning in water… Unsolicited is buried in the noise of these voices, that painful voice that was to be heard… which should be heard…

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